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2007-12-07 16:45:34 by djltd

Im Doing A Remix Compotion ( Hopfully Every 2 Mounths )

This Mounth Its YUUUUUUU!!!!!! Yep U Geussed It, Its Soljah Boi - Crank Dat

It Will Be Judged Fair And Completed Ones Will Be Shown On My News

:::::::Need Contestants:::::::

Judges 4 This 1 Are:

( me )

Start: January 13th Sunday
Deadline: Febuary 13th Tuesday

Good Luck To All Contestants

PS......Leave Me A Messege If U Want To Be In The Compotion


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2007-12-08 17:12:08

Good job stepping it up man. I heard from one of poor-pawns own that he was getting jeous of youbeing on the front page. Keep doing what you do Limited dont let them hataz slow u down! hahaha

djltd responds:

kk fanks man


2007-12-12 19:33:12

Tagging is a good idea for anyone postin' beats anywhere. It keeps losers from rippin' your beat, spittin' some silly MMORPG bullsh*t over it on a crappy Radio Shack mic, then having their 15 different alt accounts bigup the track. I mean, that's just an example of what might happen.

Props on the newest tracks. If anyone is jealous of your success, it's probably haterz who 0 bomb everything they see and have 15 diss tracks directed at one guy...sound familiar? Keep up the good work and don't put much thought towards haterz and their 0 bombs...they get bored quickly and move on to shiny objects in their RPG lives.



2007-12-29 14:08:37

Damn, not even I heard that rumor of me being jealous. It's whatever though. Ya boys downvoting me, you talkin bout my peoples, then you tell me that you love me on MSN. Shit confuses the hell outta me.

As far as taggin ya shit, it's never a bad thing. You do got some good shit coming in, I'm not gonna be a douche and lie to ya. Stay up kid.

djltd responds:

yo man i aint go no beef with u or anyone i made a song and ppl start goin made but , as far as im concerned me and u are safe


2007-12-30 20:30:29

GO SUCK UR DADS DICK ASS HOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

djltd responds:

thats not very nice


2008-01-02 10:35:47

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