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Music and Beat Battles

2007-11-29 13:50:19 by djltd

its time we started 2 do music and beat battles so if u want to beat battle me just say i luv em but wen u enter a beat battle with anyone make sure it has B&B =beat battlle n M&M = music battle so spread the word

Peace out Dj.Ltd

P.s my beat battle is againist Whyte Noiz n soz if i spelt name wrong /108836 heres my preview n wyte noiz should have one soon

and before people critisize me and wyte noiz are m8s and he asked me to name it fuck wyte noiz and his one will be fuck djltd soo yhhh we are kool


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2007-12-01 22:57:26

ur M&M sounds stupid.. mines sounds betta.

M&M = Money&Music

djltd responds:

lol wat ever makes u happy lol